Review: Inquisitor by Mitchell Hogan



by Mitchell Hogan

Science Fiction | 300 Pages | Published by Mitchell Hogan in 2015

| Rating |

four star

This book was received as part of the Goodreads First Reads scheme in return for an honest review

I had never come across Mitchell Hogan before entering the Goodreads giveaway, but after doing a little research and reading some of the brilliant reviews for his Sorcery Ascendant Sequence, I was convinced this would be a cracking read. Inquisitor flows so easily that really I should have finished it much sooner, but I’m quite relieved I took my time to savour it because Inquisitor turned out to be a pretty awesome read.

Inquisitor follows the story of Angel Xia, a dedicated officer and detective in the Inquisitors. After a period in her youth as a mercenary, Angel now spends her days chasing down deranged and murderous Genevolves, a mutated branch of humanity dedicated to their own evolution. But Angel’s partners have a nasty habit of winding up dead, and when she takes on a new case, Angel finds herself in a whole universe of trouble.

A fugitive of both the law and a mysterious, remorseless corporation, Angel and her strange companion Charlotte must escape to the far flung corners of the universe and attempt to clear Angel’s name – not an easy task when the bodies start piling up. Inquisitor is a crime novel and an action-packed sci fi thriller all rolled up into one, which will keep you hooked to the very end.                   

Hogan has managed to build a universe with the lightest touch. Planets and worlds; space and cybernetics; Genevolves, discards and humans – they all seep from the pages and into your head without ever reading a long descriptive passage. This book doesn’t need them, it never slows down. And though Inquisitor may be driven by action, it’s also a novel about choices and what it means to be human. It’s about choosing right from wrong, and learning to trust when hope fades. This deeply human story, combined with its pace and focus, makes for a highly involving tale.

Angel is a complex protagonist whose hard edges are eroded over the course of the novel. Though it relies on a relatively small main cast, all the characters are well written and are given time to develop and grow. However, I did find myself questioning some of Angel’s thoughts and arguments when dealing with Charlotte. For someone who had spent part of her life as a mercenary, her unrelenting moral compass sometimes jarred with me and I often found myself agreeing more with Charlotte’s viewpoint. Especially when, in do or die moments, Angel seems quite eager to discharge her weapon. Having said that, this really was my only quibble with the novel.

Inquisitor is a fun and relentless read which I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone who loves a good action, sci fi, crime novel mash up… or just one of the above. I cannot wait for Mitchell Hogan’s next foray into sci fi, but in the meantime the Sorcerer’s Ascendant Sequence has been added to my to-read list.

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