Bookish Beats: Belle OST

Bookish BeatsMusic, much like literature, has the power to drive your imagination; it can lift the soul and create real emotion.This is Bookish Beats, a feature which will showcase some of the soundtracks which have enriched the worlds I’ve found between the pages. 


Belle (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Composed by Rachel Portman

Listen to with:

An enchanting & romantic tale

Such as:

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Belle is a seriously beautiful soundtrack – one thing that Rachel Portman consistently succeeds at. In fact, Belle could arguably be her best. It’s a gentle, softly sweeping soundtrack which heightens the emotions and is incredibly enchanting in its own right. Not to mention a perfect complement to a wonderful film.

This soundtrack also lends itself to being a perfect accompaniment for reading to; whether to a tale of magic and wonder or a classic romance. This soundtrack just works; brimming with emotion and poised on the edge of dramatic tension throughout. If you tend to cry whilst reading, this soundtrack may well push you over the edge!

And though I say it most weeks, Belle is incredibly difficult to single out any particular track for the favourites categories. Every single one is of an incredibly high standard and though they are all unique, they all share a common, incredibly beautiful theme. If you want to enhance an enchanting and romantic tale, look no further than Belle.

Favourite track

01 – Main Titles

Top track for action

21 – Dido Goes To Courts

Top track for tension

20 – Lord Mansfield Watches John

Top track for emotion

03 – Are You Punishing Me?


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