Cover Reveal: The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson

Cover Reveal

| The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson |

Exciting news! Not only is Brandon Sanderson’s Shadows of Self hitting the UK shelves on October 15th but we also have a new cover to gush over. The cover for the sixth Mistborn novel, The Bands of Mourning, has been revealed by Gollancz and features more stunning artwork by Sam Green. All the UK Gollancz covers are absolutely gorgeous and this addition is no exception… not to mention they all look fabulous together on my bookshelf!

The Bands of Mourning

The Bands of Mourning

by Brandon Sanderson

Gollancz – 28th January 2016

| UK vs. US |

uk vs us

Gollancz Edition vs. Tor Edition

| The Gollancz Covers |

Mistborn 2

Artwork by Sam Green

| The Tor Covers |

Mistborn tor

Artwork by Chris McGrath

What do you think of the covers for The Bands of Mourning? Which is your favourite – the Gollancz or the Tor edition?

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15 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson

    1. Cannot unsee!!!! It really does! I was about to say the US covers look similar to The Dresden Files covers but just realised it’s the same artist – that would explain it.


            1. It’s the Manchester one. I’ve been to a fair few individual signings now but this is the first one with so many authors! The ones I go to are usually at Waterstones and usually involves a reading or two, a Q&A and a signing. They can be quite long! I’m not sure what this Gollancz festival thing will entail though. Exciting though!

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