Cover Reveal: Daughter of Blood by Helen Lowe

Cover Reveal

| Daughter of Blood by Helen Lowe |

Orbit UK has just revealed the full cover – the back, synopsis, spine and everything! – of the third book in Helen Lowe’s The Wall of Night series: Daughter of Blood. I absolutely love the UK covers of The Wall of Night. In fact, I only picked up the first two books, The Heir of Night and The Gathering of the Lost, because they were so pretty! And not only is the Daughter of Blood cover exceedingly pretty with its eerie green colour scheme but based on the first two novels it is sure to be a hit. Take a look at the covers and see what you think!

Daughter of Blood

Book Three of The Wall of Night

by Helen Lowe

Artwork by Silas Manhood

Orbit UK – 26th January 2016

Daughter of Blood by Helen Lowe

| Synopsis |

A falling wall, a broken shield… and an enemy that will exploit every weakness

Malian and Kalan are coming home, but already it may be too late. The Wall of Night, dangerously weakened by civil war among the Derai families that garrison it, is on the verge of failing. Everywhere their ancient enemy, the Darksworn, is on the move as the threads of an old pattern begin to tighten.

In Grayharbor and in the Red Keep, a child and a young woman are caught in conflict’s maw, as whispers gather around Dread Pass and a Darksworn prophecy points to Malian herself being the stake the ancient enemy will drive into the heart of the Derai Alliance.

| UK vs. US |

Orbit UK Edition vs. Harper Voyager Edition

| The Orbit UK Covers |

Artwork by Silas Manhood

| The Harper Voyager Covers |

Artwork by Greg Bridges

What do you think of the cover reveal for Daughter of Blood? Which are your favourite covers – UK or US?

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