Sci-Fi Month 2015 Read Along: Week 4

the long way to a small, angry planet

| Week 4 |

Welcome to the Sci-Fi Month Read Along of The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers, organised by Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow.

Ahhh the read along is finally at an end and I’m only a few days out! I was certain I would catch up in time but alas! It was not meant to be. I thoroughly enjoyed The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet and its episodic nature meant it was a perfect book for reading in chunks! And though Sci-Fi Month is at an end I fully expect to continue with the theme (and actually get all those neglected posts up!) by participating in the Sci-Fi Experience hosted by Stainless Steel Droppings, which runs for two months from December 01st, and Vintage Sci-Fi, hosted by The Little Red Reviewer which runs throughout January. Now to round up Sci-Fi Month, here are my answers to Week 4’s questions:

Week 1 (Friday, November 6th):

“Transit” to “Port Coriol” – hosted by Over The Effing Rainbow

Week 2 (Friday, November 13th):

“Port Coriol” to “The Last War” – hosted by Chris @ Galleywampus

Week 3 (Friday, November 20th):

“The Last War” to “Heresy” – hosted by Claire Rousseau

Week 4 (Friday, November 27th):

“Heresy” to the end – hosted by Over The Effing Rainbow

| The Questions |

| 1. |

Let’s start with the Toremi, since we’ve waited this long to get to them! As we’ve been discussing for a while, we do get to learn more about the Toremi, about their culture and how they think and behave. In light of what happens when the Wayfarer reaches Hedra Ka, what’s your take on the Toremi now? Are the GC right to abandon their negotiations or could there have been a chance to make something of it?

My, they are a volatile lot aren’t they? The snapshot we have of the Toremi show them to be completely alien in both species, culture and morality. I only wish more time had been devoted to mapping out their personal and political motivations in order to get a better understanding of their race as a whole. The introduction of the Toremi seemed to come a little late in the storyline so we never really got to feel the full force of their wilfully destructive nature. I do, however, believe the GC came to the right conclusion in abandoning the negotiations. I would have been very disappointed had they decided to go ahead with their materialistic endeavours.

| 2. |

A visit to a Solitary Sianat colony in “Heresy” provides a potential cure for Ohan’s illness, but they make it fairly clear they don’t want it – though there may be some debate about whether or not Ohan is in their right mind… Corbin takes matters into his own hands in that respect, and he does it in a crucial moment following the attack on the Wayfarer. Do you think Corbin did the right thing?

I love Corbin for this – Yes he did it in his own grumpy and crotchety way and he took the decision away from Ohan (which should be a big no-no) but he did it for the right reasons and I can’t help but be thankful for it! Whether Ohan was mentally impaired by the Whisperer or not remains a mystery but the fact that Corbin showed even a (somewhat selfish) smidge of compassion for his fellow crew members turned out to be a disproportionately heart-warming moment. And who would want to see Ohan die anyway?!

| 3. |

Ohan survives the attack on the ship, but Lovey (as we know her) doesn’t. Were you at all prepared for what happened to the AI? And in light of all that, do you think Pepper’s offered solution was the right one?

Oh this really did break my heart. I loved Lovey! And poor Jenks is left to continue on without her! A very sad moment which I really wasn’t expecting at all. However, as heartbroken as I was for Lovey, I also felt for the reset Lovelace who finds herself in a world she cannot fully understand with people who cannot and will not interact with her normally. She isn’t Lovey and would never evolve become her so she’s essentially a completely different ‘person’. Pepper’s offered solution seemed to me like the right one and was both fair for Jenks, who is allowed to grieve, and for Lovelace, who is allowed to make her own way in the world without a past she cannot remember holding her back.

| 4. |

This one is less of a “thinky” question and more of a “wrap up” one, but I’m curious for your answers – now that we’ve finished the story, what scenes/moments do you remember best as your favourites, if any?

I really enjoyed this book and though I would have loved it to go on for a hundred more pages, all good things must come to an end!  The biggest highlight for me was the the characterisation and the dynamic on board the Wayfarer – the relationships between the crew members and the myriad of alien races really made it for me. My undisputed favourite character would have to be Sissix (closely followed by Dr Chef) and I particularly loved the introduction to the Aandrisk culture (though we were spoilt for choice!).  I’m so glad I picked up this book and joined in with the read along! Thank you Lisa for hosting – this really has been a brilliant read!

4 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Month 2015 Read Along: Week 4

  1. I was so sad when that happened to Lovey but it’s true, what about Lovelace? She’s born into a world where everyone seems to be avoiding talking to her – must be confusing and not the best welcome! Overall, a great book, I love the ending in particular. So glad I joined the read along.


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