The Month Ahead: January 2016

The Month Ahead - JanIn The Month Ahead, I will be rounding up the books I am currently reading, the ones I will start this month, and the ones I intend getting my mitts on… if I haven’t already! I will also be sharing any news about features or posts on Books by Proxy, and anything in the book world that has me all excited!

| Currently Reading |

Apart from the myriad of read alongs and review copies I’m making my way through this January, I’m going to make the most concerted effort yet to actually pick up my neglected tomes and finish them! The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett is a book I cannot wait to finish – it just doesn’t fit in a handbag so well… or at all! The same goes for Joe Hill’s NOS4R2. Jane Austen’s Emma (which is in fact a pocket sized book) and The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding are however small enough for me to cart about – so there can be no excuses! January is the month when these books will disappear from my currently reading pile and ascend to that golden and somewhat dusty top shelf where they can live out the rest of their days safe in the knowledge that they have been read!


| January Events |

The 2016 Sci-Fi Experience
The 2016 Sci-Fi Experience

Hosted by Stainless Steel Droppings

We’re already well under way with December behind us and The 2016 Sci-Fi Experience continues on throughout January! So expect many more reviews, teasers and sci-fi goodies to keep you going throughout the month.heart

Vintage Sci Fi Month

Vintage Sci-Fi Month

Hosted by Little Red Reviewer

I’ll also be joining in with Little Red Reviewer’s Vintage Sci-Fi Month. I fear my foray into historic science fiction is supremely lacking so it’s about time I dusted the cobwebs off those older (and often considerably less hefty) tomes and discover just what made sci-fi what it is today.


Rosemary and Rue Read Along


The Rosemary and Rue Read Along

Organised by Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow

Week 1 (Saturday 9th January)

Chapters 1-6 – hosted by Over the Effing Rainbow

Week 2 (Saturday 16th January)

Chapters 7-14 – hosted by Lynn at Lynn’s Books

Week 3 (Saturday 23rd January)

Chapters 15-20 – hosted by Anya at On Starships and Dragonwings

Week 4 (Saturday 30th January)

Chapters 21-End – hosted by Over the Effing Rainbow


I’ve been looking for a new urban fantasy series for a while now and the October Daye novels look like a very fair prospect. My book is at hand, my time has been scheduled – so no late catch-ups for this series! This is one read along I cannot wait to get stuck into!


Throne of Glass


The Throne of Glass Read Along

Organised by Rinn Reads

7th January

Discussion of chapters 1 – 13

11th January

Discussion of chapters 14 – 27

14th January

Discussion of chapters 28 – 39

18th January

Discussion of chapters 40 – end


After enjoying A Court of Thorns and Roses and with the impending release of the next book in that series, A Court of Mist and Fury, I thought it was about time to sample some more of Sarah J. Maas’ writing. Despite hearing some very mixed reviews for this series (and usually at one extreme or the other), I’m looking forward to getting stuck into Throne of Glass. And with the promise of Read Alongs for the rest of the series throughout 2016, I’m sure this will be a year where I up my YA count.


Blog Tour - The American

Blog Tour: The American by Nadia Dalbuono

Review scheduled for 16th January 2016


| Book Haul |

I got a few books…


| January Goals |

To finish ALL of the poor neglected novels which I am currently reading

Status: 0 of 4 Complete


Have you picked up any great books lately or read any of those mentioned above? What are your goals for the month ahead? 

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13 thoughts on “The Month Ahead: January 2016

  1. Like you in January I am hoping to finish reading, Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness and David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, two long books I started in December. And wow that is one large new book haul! I am pleased to see so many Agatha Christie; I really must read more of her Poirot books. I also have The Martian by Andy Weir to read and I pleased to see A Colour of Magic, as I love Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think putting it on a goal is actually making me fail a bit more – perhaps I’m not reading them because I’m trying to make myself… But no excuses this year! I’m not giving any good books bad reputations by being too easily distracted by other books! Good luck with yours too!

      Yes I thought it was about time I got back to Pratchett! I actually accidentally bought The Martian – Amazon 1 click is dangerous! – but I was going to get it anyway… if only it hadn’t cost more for a kindle copy!

      I do love a good Christie Haul. I actually picked up And Then There Were None today. Did you see the drama this winter? I thought it was excellent!


      1. I wasn’t able to watch And Then There Were None even though I really wanted too. If you think it was that good I will have to try to catch up some how! Good luck finishing those books; enjoy but don’t put too much pressure one yourself 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. It is rather! I’ve just read my first chunk for the Rosemary and Rue read along and I have to say – loving it so far!!!! It is most definitely living up to expectations!


  2. Now that’s a book haul – bloody hell you’ll need a new room to put all those in. And lots and lots of events and challenges – good luck with them all. I’m looking forward to starting Rosemary and Rue.
    I see Moon Called on there – I love that series, I admit the first was NOT my favourite and I only persevered at the time because I’d already bought all three books – not because it was really bad (and of course you might love it unreservedly) but for me it was definitely a set up type of book. I love all the others so far though and Mercy is such a top character.
    I bought a Christie book when we went away recently and now I can’t find the little sucker – it’s in hiding!!!
    Lynn 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe it’s gone for an adventure with the Christmas Pudding….

      And I do need a new room to put them in! It is getting quite ridiculous. I’ve started Rosemary and Rue and oh my! Absolutely loving it! Can’t wait for the next section.

      I’ve read a few ‘bad’ reviews for Moon Called but as so many say to persevere with the series I thought I might as well get it when I saw it on sale! 😀


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