Read Along: A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire – Week One

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| Week One |

Welcome to the Read Along of A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire, organised by Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow.

Welcome to the first post in the A Local Habitation Read Along! After the success of Rosemary and Rue, the first book in the October Daye series,  I couldn’t wait to get stuck into the second. Luckily for me, Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow (after very little coercing) decided to organise a read along for the second novel! So here we are getting sucked back into the strange world of  October Daye with this first week of questions.

If anyone would like to join in, just head on over to the Goodreads group and sign up. Here’s how the schedule looks:

Week 1 (Saturday 5th March)

Chapters 1-9 – hosted by Over the Effing Rainbow

Week 2 (Saturday 12th March)

Chapters 10-18 – hosted by Lynn’s Books

Week 3 (Saturday 19th March)

Chapters 19-25 – hosted by Books by Proxy (me!)

Week 4 (Saturday 26th March)

Chapters 26-End – hosted by The Bibliosanctum

There will be spoilers!

| Week One Rating |

| The Questions |

| 1. |

Some familiar faces are back for book 2 (hi Tybalt!), but we don’t waste much time getting to meet some new people, most notably Sylvester Torquill’s niece, January, who is … less than upfront with Toby at first meeting. What do you think of January so far?

Nice kitty. So glad to see Tybalt back in those opening scenes – no doubt he’ll sweep back in to reclaim his jacket at any moment! (Or at least I hope he does because more Tybalt in the storyline can only be a good thing, right?)

January makes an interesting and somewhat conflicted impression. In some ways she seems sweet, a little suspicious of Toby, but just a girl in over her head and swiftly losing control. On the other hand she seems to be making a whole heap of mistakes, is definitely hiding more than she’s revealing, and is acting very strangely to an honest offer of help from her uncle. All is definitely not well in Tamed Lightning! 

| 2. |

Another new face is April, who’s got a rather unique back story according to Alex. What do you make of her so far, and what do you think of the merging of magic and technology that seems set to be the underlying theme in this book?

April is an excellent addition to the storyline! I love the fact they have a Dryad living in a data information tree and it creates so many potential possibilities. However, although April’s story is a sad one, something about a Dryad infiltrating their systems has me more than a little suspicious. Of course she could be completely innocent but right now there are some strange happenings which definitely have me looking sideways at April.

The merging of magic and technology also presents a really interesting crossover when it comes to urban fantasy. In most of the novels I’ve read magic and technology outright refuse to mix so it’s quite refreshing to get a different take on it. The storyline is also completely different to what I was expecting and has definitely opened with a very intriguing and suspicious plot! I can’t wait to see how this modern magical mash-up plays out!

| 3. |

Do any of the rest of the new faces stand out to you here? If so, who and why?

Well hello Elliot. Would you like to come to my house at say 6am each morning and save me a whole heap of time? A bath-spirit would certainly be useful! I love meeting new and interesting fae and the Bannick are no exception! A very amusing and cleanly addition to the storyline and perfect for cleaning up…. (dramatic pause) murders?!!

Alex and Terrie, the brother and sister duo who make the opposite sex practically foam at the mouth, are very interesting! I imagine they’ll make merry hell in the storyline and can’t wait to see how Toby reacts when she discovers that something is not quite right with the pair. Her past experience with men tells me this is one girl who isn’t going to be happy about a magical seduction!

| 4. |

We get some explanation of the political situation where Tamed Lightning is concerned, and by the end of this section we’ve got a body on the ground at ALH Computing… Got any initial thoughts/suspicions/things you still want to know?

Everything and anything is possible at the moment! I absolutely love the crossover with magic and technology and something tells me that this could be the root of all the problems in Tamed Lightning. Beyond there being a Dryad living in the system, I really couldn’t say who I’m most suspicious of – everyone is a suspect! I just can’t wait to keep reading.

Stay tuned for the next instalment of this Read Along on 12th March

10 thoughts on “Read Along: A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire – Week One

  1. I definitely need that bath spirit – fixing up your clothes and everything!! I need one in my life right now.
    Well, if it came to a choice of Tybalt or the bath spirit, okay, no competition but…
    I don’t trust anybody at the moment. I’m going with my usual suspect the full cast and sure enough you’ll hit on the right character eventually!
    Lynn 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elliot is definitely a fun addition. I wish I was friends with a Bannick so that I could freshen up quickly.

    Yes, I also suspected Toby would not be happy with a magical seduction and the romance with Alex came on so hot and heavy that I suspected something more with Alex at this point.

    Liked by 1 person

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