Announcement: The Friday Face-Off – A Weekly Meme

| The Friday Face-Off – A Weekly Meme |

I love cover art and will often buy a book solely on its cover without even reading the blurb (the horror!). It’s fascinating to see how different artists and publishers express what’s written between the pages, and how different styles and influences can be pinpointed to different parts of the globe. So what better way to express this bookish love than to turn one of my favourite weekly posts into something everyone can join in and enjoy!

Last week I announced that from Friday 11th March, The Friday Face-Off will become a weekly meme; the only difference to my previous posts being that each week will follow a different theme. For those of you who are interested but haven’t seen a Face-Off post before, here’s how it goes:

Each week I select a book and make a comparison between the UK and the US covers, displaying the artwork (in all its awesome glory) before selecting one of the two or more covers as the ultimate winner of my Face-Off.

Simple! The following is a rough guide to how this meme will work:

  • Each week will follow a theme and will vary from the quite loose to the more specific
  • The Friday Face-Off feature page will be kept up to date for the theme of the week and those several weeks following it
  • For the purposes of comparing a good variety of cover art only one of the two or more book covers chosen for comparison need relate to the theme (although if you can find two then great!)
  • The books most certainly don’t have to be the UK or US editions – they’re just the covers I’m usually most familiar with and consequently post more often – so post whichever covers catch your eye!
  • Still unsure? – Take a look at some past posts!
  • To sign up just add your linky to the bottom of that Friday’s post and link back!

And the first Friday is a freebie! Choose whichever book you fancy. Happy cover hunting magpies!

| The List |

11th March 2016 | First Friday Freebie

The first Friday Face-Off will be a freebie! Choose, compare and discuss whichever book takes your fancy

18th March 2016 | Here be Dragons

A cover which features dragons

25th March 2016 | Green With Envy

A cover which is predominantly green

25th March 2016 | Water, Water Everywhere

A cover which features water

01st April 2016 | Peace is Poor Reading

A cover which features war

08th April 2016 | Metropolis

A cover which features a city

15th April 2016 | Dead Men Tell No Tales

A cover which features something or somewhere relating to death

22nd April 2016 | Like One, That on a Lonesome Road

A cover which features a road

29th April 2016 | You Got The Blues

A cover which is predominantly blue

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