Read Along: A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire – Week Three

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| Week Three |

Welcome to the Read Along of A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire, organised by Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow.

Welcome to the third post in the A Local Habitation Read Along! This week’s section has definitely turned the book around and I’m now completely absorbed! And I’m hosting! Scroll down for the Week Three questions!

If anyone would like to join in, just head on over to the Goodreads group and sign up. Here’s how the schedule looks:

Week 1 (Saturday 5th March)

Chapters 1-9 – hosted by Over the Effing Rainbow

Week 2 (Saturday 12th March)

Chapters 10-18 – hosted by Lynn’s Books

Week 3 (Saturday 19th March)

Chapters 19-25 – hosted by Books by Proxy (me!)

Week 4 (Saturday 26th March)

Chapters 26-End – hosted by The Bibliosanctum

There will be spoilers!

| Week Three Rating |

| The Questions |

| 1. |

First things first, Toby braved the likelihood of being eaten alive by summoning the night-haunts! What are your impressions of this strange race of fae? And how do you think Toby’s relationship with the Luidaeg will change now that her final question has been asked?

I love the night-haunts! They definitely surpassed my expectations and were completely different to what I had envisaged. They manage to remain super creepy, completely alien and undeniably sinister but, despite their penchant for snacking on the deceased, actually came across as quite endearing. However, being confronted with something of a ghost, no matter how pocket sized, would be more than a little disconcerting for anyone. Toby seems to hold up pretty well though and lived to tell (almost all of) the tale, despite having to sacrifice her poor mandrake mini-me. I’m definitely looking forward to their return, even if they do give off something like a creepy doll vibe!

As for the Luidaeg… I loved the hints at the start of the book which seemed to confirm some form of friendship had sprung up between them and, because the Luidaeg is clearly ridiculously awesome, would love to see this friendship continue to grow. Whilst I agree she should still be something of a threat – I’d hate to miss out on some of the more sinister aspects of the Luidaeg – it seems as though they’re both good for each other and are more than likely to supply a steady ream of entertaining, snarky dialogue.

| 2. |

The storyline has really kicked off with another death to add to the body count and yet another attempt on Toby’s life. How did you feel about this latest murder? Are you suspicious of anyone in particular or seeing any patterns regarding motivations?

As soon as January mentioned a secret I knew she was a goner! But up until that point I really wouldn’t have expected it – she seemed like an integral part of the storyline! It actually made me quite sad when they found her body, especially considering the violence of her death and April’s subsequent reaction. But at the moment I really couldn’t say who I’m most suspicious of! Alex and Terrie seem to be put up as the most likely candidates but that’s all a little bit too obvious… so right now I’m in as much of the dark as I was last week! We know something was going on at ALH before the deaths so my suspicions are still turned on the other employees, but as for who it might be… no clue!

| 3. |

Before her untimely demise, January was on the verge of revealing a secret regarding ALH and a mysterious project it was running. Do you have any suspicions on what this might be?

I have absolutely no idea! A project worth killing over? It must be pretty huge. Corporate espionage? Court politics and intrigue? Single-minded jealousy? It could be anything! I’m very excited to find out though.

| 4. |

April is a fascinating and amusing character to read about, how do you think she’ll cope now she no longer has her adoptive mother? Can you see her becoming part of another court or as an addition to Toby’s life?

The more I see of April, the more I love her! She’s very entertaining, especially when attempting to describe human actions and reactions, and as a character remains fascinating throughout. I’m almost certain Toby wouldn’t know what to do with her but I can definitely see her becoming a part of Shadowed Hills, and the friendship she seems to have sparked up with Quentin definitely bodes well for the future. In any case, I love having a Dryad hooked up to the network! I only hope ALH won’t be the last we see of her!

| 5. |

In this section of the novel a little more is revealed about one half of our suspicious siblings, Alex and Terrie. Whilst Alex gets very handsy and a bit hypnocreep with Toby, Terrie is almost non-existent! What are your thoughts on this pair? Was Toby’s reaction justified? And are you as suspicious of at least one half of this pairing as Toby?!

I still think they’re the same person! However, although they both seem ridiculously suspicious and highly creepy, I still can’t see either of them as being the murderer(s) at large! I think their problems are more to do with whatever it is they are and the fact they seem determined to keep this a secret. And as for Alex’s attempt to get it on with Toby, she was completely justified in her reaction! He might not be able to help what he is but that just makes it more important to be upfront about it in the first place. Toby was completely justified – I’m just glad she realised something was wrong!

| 6. |

Alex might not be able to turn off the seduction but in this section we see the return of both Connor and Tybalt. What do you think of Connor and his obviously complicated relationship with both Toby and Raysel? Do you think they have a future? Or is Tybalt too much of an infuriating temptation? Or more to the point, will either of them be of any use during the investigation? Thoughts please!

I can’t help but like Connor – he’s just so very likeable! Rather than being of use during the investigation though, I can certainly see him getting himself into trouble! Toby will more than likely have to save his ass on more than one occasion….but no doubt he’ll surprise me by doing something heroic that saves the day! As for their relationship – my, my, it is complex! Raysel is definitely not a woman to cross! Connor seems like such a good guy though that I hope he and Toby can remain friends if nothing else.

And then there’s Tybalt! “Why are you so concerned with what becomes of this ‘Quentin’? Is he a new swain of yours?” Hah! I’m so happy to see him over at ALH and he will definitely be handy in any upcoming struggle. I pretty much love everything he says so I’m definitely up for him sweeping Toby off her feet… or more likely sweeping them out from under her!

Stay tuned for the final instalment of this Read Along on 26th March

13 thoughts on “Read Along: A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire – Week Three

  1. I agree. I love the Luidaeg as this misunderstood soul, but I also want to see her as the badass. I don’t want to see her being a badass against Toby, but that may happen. But I do like that there’s this friendship is edged with razor blades–the understanding that the Luidaeg will kill her.

    I like Connor, I do, but he is barking up the wrong tree right now. That is definitely not a relationship for Toby to fall back into. Aside from my obvious #TeamTybalt status, it also seems dangerous to cross Ray by, y’know, sleeping with her political husband.

    Can’t wait to see how we wrap up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Ask me the question first.”
      “Luidaeg, I-”
      “You know the rules. Ask me, and I’ll tell.”

      Regarding your take on the Luidaeg and Toby – that quote right there jumped out at me on this readthrough. That’s all I can say, but that exchange was perhaps not entirely random. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Definitely! The Luidaeg definitely needs to remain a badass – it’ll also keep Toby on her toes! And I really can’t see anything with Connor ending well… #TeamTybalt for sure!


  2. I’m in ‘suspect everybody and everything’ mode. I’m all jumpy with accusation!
    I really didn’t see Jan dying at all – it kind of makes me suspicious of April – I know that’s she’s very upset but Jan’s death comes across as frantic somehow – not organised. I don’t even know if April can kill somebody or not but I’m starting to think along the lines that losing somebody you love or being upset isn’t necessarily an alibi. I don’t know what exactly was going on at ALH but it seems that Jan did know and was about to spill the beans – which means she also had to be taken out of the picture – and still with these weird puncture marks.
    Alex and Terrie – they feel like good and bad to me – which means you could also wonder whether Terrie’s attempted seduction of Toby (whilst being creepy) could have been a way to get her out of the way of danger??
    I can’t see Toby and Connor as an item at all. That’s in the past as far as I can see and they just don’t gel for me somehow. Tybalt – that’s a different thing altogether.
    Lynn 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right, it really could be anyone! Also everyone in ALH seems to have lost someone they loved in some way so… there’s definitely no alibi good enough!

      And I hadn’t thought about the rapey bit being a way to keep her out of danger… perhaps it was! At least we can read on now to find out!!


  3. QUOTE
    “being confronted with something of a ghost, no matter how pocket sized, would be more than a little disconcerting for anyone”

    Keep hold of this thought, because there will be other kinds of confrontation in future books, very, very unexpected confrontations….

    ((evil laugh))


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  4. I’m glad Toby had a twinge of regret over sacrificing the mandrake. It shows her compassion for even the least of faerie.

    It seems that the ALH personnel are all aware of whatever secret Alex and Terrie have and so while they are reluctant to share that with Toby, I don’t suspect them of the deaths. Looking askance at Elliot – hmmmm….

    Absolutely! Alex should have been upfront early on with Toby about whatever he is and why he can’t help turning on the charm. If Alex can’t control himself, I don’t know why he would expect others to hold back in smacking him when he crosses the line.

    I love that Tybalt used the word ‘swain’ and in regards to Quentin – ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I love that quote from Tybalt. Too funny!

      It’s definitely getting tense and hard to both point the finger and not point it – if you know what I mean. Everyone seems similarly suspicious but at the same time I don’t suspect them!

      Liked by 1 person

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