Read Along: A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire – Week Four

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| Week Four |

Welcome to the Read Along of A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire, organised by Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow.

Welcome to the fourth and final post in the A Local Habitation Read Along! This week we had some grand revelations, plenty of action and an exciting finale to this second novel in the October Daye series. And after this enjoyable conclusion, The Bibliosanctum has some very juicy questions for us to answer!

Here’s how the schedule panned out:

Week 1 (Saturday 5th March)

Chapters 1-9 – hosted by Over the Effing Rainbow

Week 2 (Saturday 12th March)

Chapters 10-18 – hosted by Lynn’s Books

Week 3 (Saturday 19th March)

Chapters 19-25 – hosted by Books by Proxy (me!)

Week 4 (Saturday 26th March)

Chapters 26-End – hosted by The Bibliosanctum

There will be spoilers!

| Week Four Rating |

| The Questions |

| 1. |

Alex and Terrie’s secrets are finally revealed. Was that the outcome you were expecting? If not, what theories did you have concerning the two?

Alex and Terrie have been a suspicious pair from the off! I definitely suspected that these two were one and the same person, although I almost wish that this had been more of a surprise to create a grand revelation. But it panned out well all the same!

The revelation of their fae species however remained a complete mystery until it was revealed during this section of the novel. Despite the inherent creepiness of the Gean-Cannah, and the danger presented to changelings and mortals alike, I find that there is something desperately sad and lonely about them. As a changeling with little power to shift between selves, losing that other half of themselves must have been incredibly painful.. after all, who else do they have but themselves? A dying race who cannot let themselves love too much. It’s quite tragic.

| 2. |

We get Toby doing more powerful things with blood during the course of this story aside from gleaning information. What are you thoughts on this? Do you think we’ll start to see her doing more wondrous things over the course of the series?

I really love that we’re seeing a development in power for Toby. From the outset of this series it’s been hammered home that Changelings have severely muted powers and that Toby’s in particular are nothing beyond the ordinary measure for one of her kind. Whilst this makes her an excellent protagonist – who needs perfection anyway – it creates ample possibilities for her development and growth in power, and for her own development into something else – something which belongs in Faerie.

Her blood working with Alex seemed completely natural, driven by instinct alone, which shows she is becoming something more akin to her mother than she at first supposed. Tybalt certainly seemed to be taken aback by her powers, though Toby seemed to brush it aside as being completely ordinary. Whether this kind of power is the norm in Faerie or whether it is something else entirely remains to be seen. I guess we’ll have to wait and find out!

| 3. |

Did you expect Tybalt to actually show up at Tamed Lightning? What’s your take on this “not-friendship” that is developing between Toby and Tybalt? Does learning more about the cats and sensing Tybalt’s own feelings about what has occurred make you feel differently about him or see new aspects to his personality?

At this point in time I’m in no doubt that whenever Toby is in trouble, Tybalt will come running with teeth and claws bared! And I’m certainly enjoying his dry humour! I’m quite happy with the way things are developing between them, however if things do progress further, I hope they retain the witty repartee which marks most of their conversations.

We’re certainly learning a little more about Tybalt and the Cait Sidhe and their role in Faerie politics but, if anything, this just adds another layer of interest and diversity to the Summerlands. His reaction to events at Tamed Lightning seemed perfectly reasonable but I’m sure we’ve not seen the extent of his retribution as it stands. Right now, the Court of Cats still remains something of a mystery.

| 4. |

Despite being misguided, what did you think of the attempt to create something lasting for Faerie after hearing Elliot’s explanation? Is there a way to save and preserve Faerie or is Toby right that maybe its end is near?

Misguided intentions have been the cause of many horrors over history so the justification for what they were doing is definitely off. The only way Faerie will die is if those who live in it allow it to. Cultures and societies change over time so there is little reason as to why Faerie should be any different. Yes it’s good to retain tradition but surely ALH of all people should have appreciated change, adaptability and growth.

No matter the argument, from what we’ve seen so far throughout the novels, Faerie doesn’t look even close to ending. Maybe this theme will be made more apparent in the novels to come – something which I don’t doubt it will – but whatever the case, I’m in no doubt that Toby will be right in the thick of it!

| 5. |

What do you think will happen at Tamed Lightning now that Jan is gone? Do you think April will be able to maintain or do you think things are just getting started between Tamed Lightning and Dreamer’s Glass? Do you think others will be willing to go to Tamed Lightning after this?

Whatever happens now in Tamed Lightning is sure to be exciting! As something entirely new in Faerie and as someone who is only just finding out who and what she is, April is certain to be in for a bumpy and incredibly interesting ride.

The prospect of warfare between Dreamer’s Glass and Tamed Lightning is actually quite intriguing, and gives the potential for some very dramatic storylines. April could be a very strange and unpredictable enemy and Riordan at present is really an unknown quantity.

| 6. |

Overall, what did you think of A Local Habitation? Did you like it more or less than the first book? Are you still excited to see where Toby’s journey leads? Any favorite parts? Least favourites? Gush as much or as little as you want.

I really enjoyed A Local Habitation. At about the Week Two point I was a little worried; Toby’s voice wasn’t working for me, we’d been transported to a completely different location and something about the storyline just wasn’t resonating with me. However, once the action kicked in and the bodies started piling up, I found myself getting lost in the storyline and really began enjoying it. Phew!

I absolutely loved the development of Toby and Quentin’s relationship, something which remained amusing, endearing and readable throughout. Quentin has grown as a character and A Local Habitation certainly solidifies his place in these novels. A definite highlight throughout! I was similarly glad to see Tybalt sauntering back into the storyline leaving me in high hopes of future Cait Sidhe action!

However, the main highlight (or new addition) of A Local Habitation would have to be April. She is a fascinating, different and thoroughly entertaining character who comes across as something unique in the realms of urban fantasy. From her penchant for bunnies, her pixelated tears and her strange digital humour, and despite her sad role during the main storyline, April is a fantastic character who leaps off the page. I definitely look forward to seeing more of her in future storylines!

As for Toby, I cannot wait to find out what happens next! Tybalt – will she won’t she? Connor?! Raysel?!!! And that’s just the relationships! I also can’t wait to find out more about her mother and her developing powers! Bring on book three!

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9 thoughts on “Read Along: A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire – Week Four

  1. OMG there is so much I can’t say because future spoilers but *squeals* *hugs you* *runs away happy* You get it! 😀

    I agree about April being the highlight of this book. She is made of so much wonderful.

    And definitely keep an eye on Quentin. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think April will possibly be the future catalyst for change amongst the fae and possibly in respect part of their salvation. She’s definitely different isn’t she! I was mistrustful of her there for a while. I couldn’t see how she didn’t know what was going on but it turned out that Gordon was manipulating her. So sad the scene with Toby and April both crying!
    Lynn 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well you were definitely right not to trust her as it turns out! It’s just she was a little too new and innocent to realise what was going on. I’m so looking forward to the next book! 😀


  3. Quentin is indeed a wonderful character and observing his growth is delightful. It’s no spoiler if I tell you there will be more about him (and his evolution) in the next books. And his relationship with Toby is wonderfully laced with much-needed humor.

    Looking forward to the read-along for the next book(s): I’m having such fun in revisiting them! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I agree with you about Alex and Terrie. It was pretty obvious for much of the book that the two were linked in some way. If Toby hadn’t been so very distracted by being in the thick of things, I would have been disappointed in her missing this fact for so long. That said, the specific story for Alex and Terrie was quite sad and I didn’t see that coming either.

    Liked by 1 person

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