Review Policy

I typically read fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction and crime novels, and I tend not to read romance or erotica. All books will be accepted on a case by case basis. I try to write as honest a review as possible, highlighting what I enjoyed most about the book.  If you are interested, please contact me using either the contact form or by emailing

3 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Hello, I’ve been enjoying your reviews of books over the years, but wondered if you’re at all interested in audiobooks? I’m a narrator and have free codes to give away in the hope of reviews for: Ghosts of Tomorrow by Michael R Fletcher (near future heading for dystopia where minds are downloaded into machines), The Last Dragon Rider by Erin Krystal (high fantasy with romance and dragons), City of Kings by Rob J Hayes (a grim and dark tale of a city under siege set in a world with magic and monsters – man-made and otherwise), A Hazardous Engagement by Gaie Sebold (a novella telling the tale of a female gang living on the edge of criminality, and deep within its embrace, using wits, intelligence, magic and humour to outwit a lord in his castle), Smoke and Stone by Michael R Fletcher (a grim and dark tale of failing gods and the last of the humans struggling in the last city,) The Shard by Ted Cross (a high fantasy, classic sword and magic, yet with a fresh voice. Aimed at YA and adults), Lord Fish by Ted Cross (an anthology of short stories one SF and the others fantasy).
    If you’re interested in any, I’d be very happy to pass on any and all codes for US or UK listeners.
    All the best

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