Friday Firsts: The Waking Fire by Anthony Ryan

Welcome to Friday Firsts – a new weekly meme created by Tenacious Reader. New Book: First paragraphs. First impressions. New favourite?

| Friday Firsts: May 26 |

The Waking Fire

Book One of The Draconis Memoria

by Anthony Ryan

Fantasy | 594 Pages | Published by Orbit in 2016

| First Paragraphs |


Report by: Lodima Bondersil – Acting Director, Carvenport Division, Arradsian Continental Holdings

Date: Settemer 29, 1578 (Day 166 of Company Year 135 by the Corporate Calendar)

Subject: Events surrounding the demise of Mr. Havelic Dunmorn, Director Carvenport Division, Arradsian Continental Holdings

Esteemed Sirs and Ladies,

By the time this report reaches your hands you will, no doubt, have received word via the Blue-trance of the demise of my immediate superior, Mr. Havelic Dunmorn, and an initial estimate of the associated deaths and considerable material destruction accompanying that tragic event. I have compiled this written account in the hope and expectation it will obviate any asinine and ill-informed rumours spread by competitors or Syndicate employees (see addendum for a list of recommended dismissals and contract terminations). It is my intention to provide a clear and unbiased account of events so as to better inform the deliberations of the Board and any subsequent directives they may see fit to issue.

The incident in question took place in and around the Harvesting and Dockside quarters of Carvenport on Settemer 26. The Board will recall Mr. Dunmorn’s Blue-trance communication on 12 Dimester which described the successful capture of a wild Black by the Chainmasters Independent Contractor Company, following a lengthy expedition to the south-western regions of the Arradsian Interior. I also refer the Board to the previous ten quarterly written reports from this Division concerning the increasing attrition rate amongst pen-bred stock, with Blacks proving the most short-lived of all breeds. I am sure the Board requires no reminder of the ever-decreasing potency of product harvested from inbred and youthful stock. Therefore, the capture of a live and healthy wild Black (the first such capture in more than a dozen years) was greeted with considerable excitement throughout the ranks of Syndicate employees, in that it offered the prospect of thickened blood lines and quality product for years to come. Unfortunately such expectations were soon revealed as premature.

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| First Impressions |

I cannot even describe how much I already love this book… but first… first impressions! Opening with a report from Lodima Bondersil, The Waking Fire creates tension and excitement from the very start, throwing the reader into the chaos of an historic event before confronting them with the repercussions further down the line.

The prologue reveals an interesting and gripping opener, raising question after question following the apparent disaster revealed almost immediately. The writing style is formal, owing to the nature of the report, yet fluid enough to engage with the reader from the start; and the introduction of key events and figures gives the reader a number of clues that will ostensibly tie in with the rest of the novel. So far, so awesome! I just wish I had more time to read it!

What are you currently reading? What were your first impressions?

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The Month Ahead: September 2015

The Month Ahead - SeptIn The Month Ahead, I will be rounding up the books I am currently reading, the ones I will start this month, and the ones I intend getting my mitts on… if I haven’t already! I will also be sharing any news about features or posts on Books by Proxy, and anything in the book world that has me all excited!

| Currently Reading |

Sept Currently Reading

Only three books on my currently reading pile! A drastic improvement from last month that’s for sure. Two chunky fantasy novels sit on the top of the pile, The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks and The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett, and one teeny tiny Flipback classic, Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. But oh dear, poor Daylight War hasn’t been opened since January(!!!) and I can’t even give a real reason why… though ‘I love you Arlen Bales’ may have a little to do with it. That must be finished this month before I forget what’s happened!! It’s also a really good book (so far) so I feel quite guilty for having neglected it.


| Book Haul |

Somehow, despite being quite firm with myself since the last book haul, I found myself acquiring a number of new books! Oops! So new on the bookshelf are The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon, The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt, The Heresy of Dr Dee by Phil Rickman, The Winter Palace by Eva Stachniak, Red Rising by Pierce Brown, The Napoleon of Crime by Ben Macintyre, Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay and Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter. I also received The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins through Blogging for Books and Paris at War by David Drake through NetGalley in exchange for honest reviews. That should keep me going for some time!


| September Goals |

To read at least two books featured in my Top Ten… Complete Series I Still Haven’t Finished with at least one book finishing the series

Status: 0 of 2 Complete


To finish The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett

Status: p. 286 of 808 (35%)


To read at least two classics

Status: 0 of 2 Complete


| New Features |

August was a month of new features so here’s a round-up of those not previously featured:

The Rapid Review – Can’t be bothered reading a long review? Just want to know whether a book is worth the effort? The Rapid Review hopes to save you some time and tell you (in my humblest of opinions) whether to give it a go. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of rapidity!

Top Ten Tuesday  – Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by those lovely bookworms over at The Broke and the Bookish – Expect a new top ten list every week! [Tuesday]

Teaser Tuesdays – Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly feature hosted by A Daily Rhythm – Expect a new teaser every week! [Tuesday]

Tough Travelling – Join me each Thursday for some Tough Travelling with the Tough Guide, hosted by Fantasy Review Barn. Inspired by ‘The Tough Guide to Fantasyland,‘ we will set out on a quest to track down the biggest tropes and clichés in fantasy fiction. [Thursday]

Bookish Beats – Music, much like literature, has the power to drive your imagination; it can lift the soul and create real emotion.This is Bookish Beats, a feature which will showcase some of the soundtracks which have enriched the worlds I’ve found between the pages. [Sunday]

The Monthly Round-Up – The Monthly Round-Up will look back on the past month to see which books I’ve read, the reviews I’ve posted, the goals I’ve completed and which book I’ve chosen as my all important Book of the Month!


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