Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten… Bad Bookish Habits

Top Ten TuesdayWelcome to Top Ten Tuesday – a weekly feature hosted by those lovely bookworms over at The Broke and the Bookish. Expect a new top ten list every week!

| Top Ten… Bad Bookish Habits |

A love of books and reading does not come without its down sides. This week’s top ten looks at those bad bookish habits which seem to be a recurring feature in my reading life.

| 1. |

I won’t buy any new books until… ooooh a sale!

Severe restraint required. You will buy books you neither want nor will read any time soon. Stay away!


| 2. |

I won’t buy any new books until… ooooh shiny!

There’s nothing like a brand new shiny book staring at you from amongst its shelf-friends to make you want to take it away and give it a new home. Even if you don’t need it and have far too much to read already.

| 3. |

Bought in brand new hardback, read five years later

Shiny shiny hardbacks may be pretty but they’re damn expensive! Especially when you don’t read them for the next five years to come.

| 4. |

Organised bookshelves? You’re living the dream!

Bookshelves that are three rows deep and so over-packed that when one book is pulled out an entire row tumbles out in its wake is not congruous with a liking for pristine and unbent books.


| 5. |

Floorshelves are not the next big thing

Having stacks (and stacks and stacks) of books lying around on the floor is not cool and makes you look like a crazy hoarder. Add more bookshelves to shopping list.


| 6. |

Reading is not a priority

Reading really shouldn’t come before work, studying, friends and family but damn, it’s a really good book!


| 7. |

Currently reading: Everything!

Just because a book is looking at you doesn’t mean you need to pick it up and start reading it. Especially when you’re currently reading five other books!


| 8. |

Schedule? What schedule?

Posts done in advance?! That’s crazy talk! But would go some way to bringing a bit of organisation to book blogging.


| 9. |

I love my shiny hardback and… ooooh coffee!

Incredibly clumsy? Pristine books and coffee are not a match made in heaven.


| 10. |

Thou shalt not judge a book by its cover

But it’s just sooo pretty!


What are your bad bookish habits? If you would like to join in with Top Ten Tuesday, head on over to The Broke and the Bookish and sign up!

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