Cover Reveal: Stranger of Tempest by Tom Lloyd

Cover Reveal

| Stranger of Tempest by Tom Lloyd |

Another day, another fabulous cover! Gollancz has revealed the cover art for Stranger of Tempest, the first book in a new series by Tom Lloyd, author of The Twilight Reign. Whilst I’m still making my way through this highly enjoyable stack of novels, I am so excited to see another addition to Lloyd’s repertoire. The cover for Stranger of Tempest by Jon Mccoy is a part Balrog, part Diablo mash-up and gives the impression of high octane action-packed and thrilling fantasy novel which I cannot wait to get my hands on! Take a look and see what you think!

Stranger of Tempest

Book One of The God Fragments

by Tom Lloyd

Artwork by Jon McCoy

Gollancz UK – 16th June 2016

| Synopsis |


Being an honest man in a lawless world is never easy…

Lynx is a mercenary with a sense of honour; a dying breed in the Riven Kingdom. Failed by the nation he served and weary of the skirmishes that plague the continent’s principalities, he walks the land in search of purpose. Bodyguard work keeps his belly full and his mage-gun loaded. It might never bring a man fame or wealth, but he’s not forced to rely on others or to kill without cause.

Little could compel Lynx to join a mercenary company, but he won’t turn his back on a kidnapped girl. At least the job seems simple enough; the mercenaries less stupid and vicious than most he’s met over the years.

So long as there are no surprises or hidden agendas along the way, it should work out fine.

What do you think of the cover for Stranger of Tempest? Does this sound like something you would read?

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten… Complete Series I Still Haven’t Finished

Top Ten TuesdayWelcome to Top Ten Tuesday – a weekly feature hosted by those lovely bookworms over at The Broke and the Bookish. Expect a new top ten list every week!

| Top Ten… Complete Series I Still Haven’t Finished |

This week’s Top Ten focuses on finished series I still haven’t completed. These series are the ones I am really enjoying and should really really have finished by now… but I haven’t! As usual, there’s always too much to read and too little time! For shame! Looking through my bookshelves I realise I have far too many of these so perhaps I’ll make a new monthly goal to finish a few! For this week’s Top Ten I’ve stuck to fantasy (and there are definitely more in other genres) which leads me to one conclusion – I better get reading! In no particular order, here is the rundown:

| 1. |


Traitor Spy Trilogy

by Trudi Canavan

I’ve loved every book Trudi Canavan has written (and I’ve read) but The Traitor Queen is still sitting on my book/floorshelf waiting to be devoured! And then there’s Thief’s Magic! Oh dear… Trudi Canavan is an author I’d recommend in a heartbeat so I feel quite ashamed that I’ve still not finished this series.heart

| 2. |


The Belgariad

by David Eddings

I’m rather a latecomer to the work of David Eddings having only read the first three books in The Belgariad this year. As soon as I started them I knew I would have loved the work of Eddings when I was younger but even as an adult I was verily entertained. I will be reading the final two as soon as possible… here’s hoping my supermarket starts selling them off for £1 again!heart

| 3. |


The Twilight Reign

by Tom Lloyd

The Stormcaller was lost on my bookshelf for many a year until it was dusted off the other month. This was a great read which I wish I’d remembered sooner. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series.heart

| 4. |


The Farseer Trilogy

by Robin Hobb

Ah Robin Hobb, master (or mistress, if you so wish) of everything. I really need to finish this trilogy because everything Hobb writes is utter and complete perfection. Must read as soon as possible!heart

| 5. |


The Broken Empire Trilogy

by Mark Lawrence

Amazingly awesome start and then… I forgot! King of Thorns is sitting in sight and I just keep forgetting to pick it up next. For shame indeed! I will get round to it. I will!heart

| 6. |


The Old Kingdom/Abhorsen Series

by Garth Nix

Having read the first three in the series quite some time ago (along with the short stories) I thought it was a series complete! But no! Clariel appeared last year and has promptly been added to my to-read list. Sneaky Mr. Nix, very sneaky!heart

| 7. |


The Earthsea Cycle

by Ursula K. Le Guin

Le Guin is another author who I arrived at late. This year I’ve read A Wizard of Earthsea and The Tombs of Atuan and will endeavour to read the rest of The Earthsea Cycle in due course! I’m almost certain I own them all too.heart

| 8. |


The Inheritance Cycle

by Christopher Paolini

I read Eragon when it first came out but cannot for the life of me remember whether I read Eldest too. In any case, I barely remember what happens so Eldest will be read next… just in case… and hopefully I won’t leave it another ten years before remembering… again.heart

| 9. |


The Magicians Trilogy

by Lev Grossman

I didn’t even realise this was a trilogy until this year! Completely forgot about it! I enjoyed The Magicians and can’t even remember hating Quentin despite his repeated appearance on last week’s top ten. I shall add the next two to my shopping list immediately.heart

| 10. |


The Wheel of Time

by Robert Jordan [ & Brandon Sanderson]

So so SO many books! Lord of Chaos awaits my attention and from there I still have an enormous chunk to go. The first five are brilliant. Fingers crossed for the rest.


What about you? Which series do you still have to complete? If you would like to join in with Top Ten Tuesday, head on over to The Broke and the Bookish and sign up!

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The Monthly Round-Up: August 2015

The Monthly Round-Up - augWelcome to the first post in my Monthly Round-Up feature. Join me as I look back on the past month to see which books I’ve read, the reviews I’ve posted, the goals I’ve completed and my all important Book of the Month!

| Books Read |

August Reads

August was pretty much my first month in the bookoblogosphere and, barring a few missed posts here and there, I don’t think it’s gone too badly! Over the course of this month I managed to get through ten books. Not bad. I even finished all those neglected classics that had begun to stack up on my currently reading pile. Hurrah! One goal complete and reviews for said classics will be appearing shortly! I’m moderately happy with ten books (actually, very happy!) but I would have liked to see more fantasy in the mix. I was obviously deceived by my reviews of fantasy novels from other months. Oh well, there’s nothing like self-deception to spur on new goals! So without further preamble, in order of reading, here are this month’s time consumers:

| 1. |

Agamemnon by Aeschylus

| 2. |

Inquisitor by Mitchell Hogan

| 3. |

The Somnambulist by Essie Fox

| 4. |

Armada by Ernest Cline

| 5. |

Doctor Who: The Drosten’s Curse by A.L. Kennedy

| 6. |

Pigs Have Wings by P.G. Wodehouse

| 7. |

The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie

| 8. |

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

| 9. |

Hard Times by Charles Dickens

| 10. |

Persuasion by Jane Austen 

Book of the Month


A Darker Shade of Magic

by V.E. Schwab

| August Goals |

To finish the classics on my currently reading pile (Agamemnon, Pigs Have Wings, The ABC Murders and Hard Times) 

Status: Completed

| Goals for 2015 |

Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge: 82/100 Books Read (82%)

Status: +10% during August

Dragons and Jetpacks 2015 Reading Challenge: 36/50 Books Read (72%)

Status: +12% during August

| Reviews Posted |

August has been a month of very good reviews, most of which were at the four and a half (heart shaped) star level! The highest rating given was five stars (awesome!) and the lowest rating given was three (still a good read!). Here’s the run-down:

5 Stars


The Scarab Path by Adrian Tchaikovsky

4 and a half Stars


The Stormcaller by Tom Lloyd


The Heir of Night by Helen Lowe


The Somnambulist by Essie Fox


A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab


Morningstar by David Gemmell

              4 Stars


Inquisitor by Mitchell Hogan

                  3 and a half stars


Armada by Ernest Cline

                                  3 Stars


Doctor Who: The Drosten’s Curse by A.L. Kennedy

| Other Posts From August |

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Review: The Stormcaller by Tom Lloyd

The Stormcaller by Tom Lloyd

The Stormcaller

Book One of The Twilight Reign

by Tom Lloyd

Fantasy | 502 Pages | Published by Gollancz in 2007

| Rating |

4 and a half Stars

Having bought The Stormcaller a number of years ago and after reading only the first few chapters, it somehow found its way to the dark and dusty recesses of my bookcase where it has remained until resurfacing this year – an event owing more to my forgetfulness than to the quality of the writing. Following the unearthing, reading, brief vacation abandonment and ultimate completion of the first of The Twilight Reign series, I am now on a mission to track down and read them all!

The Stormcaller is, in simplistic terms, a coming of age fantasy. Isak is a White-Eye, a boy who is gifted (though most in The Land would say cursed) with superhuman strength, innate prowess in battle and more than a handful of magic. From humble beginnings, Isak’s life is changed completely when he meets the legendary Lord Bahl. As he fights for the people who would have once shunned him; Elves, Dragons and the Gods themselves become embroiled in the battle to fulfil or destroy prophecy.

Tom Lloyd’s debut is a gripping read which (if you ignore the part where I put it down) I couldn’t put down. Though I would have enjoyed more development into the motivations of the characters in the opening chapters, the novel sets a good pace and every moment moves the story along. Similarly, I would have enjoyed pulling at the tangled web of intrigue which develops throughout the book, or being fully immersed in scenes which, though only mentioned in passing, remain crucial to the plot. But true to the pace set I was whisked along with Isak, and through blood, battles and the gathering of the storms found myself deposited at a satisfying conclusion which ultimately left me wanting more.

Now I better get my hands on The Twilight Herald…. before it slips my mind.


Bookish Beats Suggestionheart

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